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Looking for bag shops, bag trading company in Vietnam to sell our handmade bag

Dear our value customers,

We now strong believe that our handmade bag will meet highest export quality requirements. We can supply our handmade handbag to any oversea buyer, retailer or wholesaler. So, if you are a Vietnamese shop, company...who are selling handmade bags for tourist, domestic customer or exporting, this is a very suitable time for our coopearation. We are very pleased to supply you our best quality handmade bags & realy reasonable price which we're sure you can get better prestigious & benifit comparing with other suppliers who you are buying.

If you are in Hanoi or Northern provinces of Vietnam, you can contact or visit us directly. There are hundreds of nice-real designs for your selection in our showroom.

If you are in centre of Vietnam such as Hue & Hoi An, please contact us, then we will give you information of our representative there.

If you are in Hochiminh City ( Saigon) or Southern Provinces, contact us then we will give you information of our representative there too.

We are looking forwards to receiving your contact.

Thank you so much

Yours sincerely,

Nguyen Thi Thuy


Kinh gui Quy khach hang,

Chung toi rat tu tin de noi voi cac ban rang san pham tui xach thoi trang cua chung toi co the dap ung nhung yeu cau cao nhat ve chat luong doi voi mat hang tui xach xuat khau. Chung toi co the san xuat tui xach cho bat ky khach hang nao co nhu cau, ca khach hang mua buon va mua le quoc te.  Vi the, day la thoi diem rat thuan loi de cac ban, nhung cua hang ban le tui xach thoi trang, cac cong ty buon ban tui xach trong nuoc, xuat the hop tac voi chung toi. Chung toi chac chan rang, voi chat luong tot va gia ca phai chang cua cac mat hang tui xach thoi trang ma chung toi cung cap cho cac ban, cac ban se nhanh chong xay dung duoc uy tin cho cua hang/cong ty cua minh, cung nhu co loi nhuan tot hon so voi khi ban mua cac san pham cung loai cua cac nha cung cap khac.

Neu ban o Hanoi hoac cac tinh phia Bac, cac ban co the lien he hoac den truc tiep co so cua chung toi tai Hanoi. Hien phong mau cua chung toi co vai tram kieu dang tui xach thoi trang khac nhau de cho ban lua chon.

Neu ban o khu vuc mien Trung nhu Hue, Hoi An...ban hay lien lac voi chung toi, sau do chung toi se cung cap cho ban thong tin nguoi dai dien cua chung toi tai do.

Neu ban o Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh ( Sai Gon) hoac cac tinh phia Nam, ban hay lien lac voi chung toi de chung toi cung cap thong tin dai ly cua minh tai Sai Gon.

Rat mong som duoc hop tac voi cac ban.

Tran trong,

Nguyen Thi Thuy

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