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How To Buy Favorite Fashion Bags

Shopping bags, whether or cloth bag or a straw bag package, in
addition to choose their own favorite colors, style, size, features, carrying
bags also need to pay attention patterns, and the length of strap, handle and so
on, improper carry model can damage the body's tilt, slowly rise to low back
pain, shoulder pain and other issues.

1, first choose their favorite colors, bag
of tricks. This is very important, bags can be clothing, belts, shoes, and even
scarf or headdress to match. So first step is to choose their favorite colors,
patterns. Is not necessarily limited to your current clothing worn to match, you
can also buy your clothes, or home, or other Dongdong already have clothes to
match. Of course, it is better first to buy clothes, bags before you buy. In
this way can more easily see the overall effect. Of course, online purchase, or
we should have some of your current clothes to match better.

2, followed by
select style and size. The first is ready to choose your bag, handbags, shoulder
bags, fashion bag , dual-use Messenger bags, backpacks shoulders, waist, chest pack inside
which one. And then choose the details of specific types, such as the length of
tape packs, the appropriateness of their own patterns, the appropriateness of
their own fashion bag wholesale and so on. Followed is to choose the size of the bag.
The size of the bag is very important. Pay no attention to the size of the bag,
buy it after the original is too large or too small, and some hand-held belt is
too long, resulting in poor to buy back later, but also bad back. In fact, the
upper or the bag wide, under the wide, pack next to the bag on the bottom edge
of the height (including height), hand-held belt or belt with the bag above the
height (hands raise), and the thickness of the bag.

3, see the package working
in. This part is divided into a number of aspects, pull a pull to see if easy
alignment, the availability of balance, whether or loose sutures, skew, whether
skin wrinkles, handle, buckles and other hardware is solid, with or without a
large scratches. As well as the function package is in place, such as mobile
phone bag, camera bag, document bag, are generally high-end bags are bags with
documents. At the same time the inner lining of many high-end bags are
relatively strong, durable, and Yehao hand, but also there is no smell. In
addition, for the zipper bags, men's package should focus on checking whether
the sturdy zipper.

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